Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Freedom Church's First Video

The first informational meeting has been scheduled and will be announced once the location is fully confirmed. The closer we get to launch, the more we have needs. This video is our first attempt to share our needs. Please watch it and pray about how the Lord may be speaking to you through it.

We are also looking for opportunities to share the vision with congregations, mission boards, and any other ministry group interested in hearing how we are spreading the Gospel. If you or your ministry are interested, please email us.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Next Steps

We are getting closer to our first informational meeting. Currently, we are planning to hold it the last weekend in August. That assumes we will find a place to hold the meeting. It will give use a chance to share the vision for Freedom Church in person with the curious, musicians, and anyone interested in preaching the Gospel with us. When we have a location, we'll be blitzing social media, putting up fliers, and sending press releases.

There are still a number of things we need to actually launch. Of course, we need people. No church can call itself that without people. Granted, that's part of the point of the meeting but we need help to get there. Frankly, we need all the help we can get.

There is a war being waged to prevent this ministry from launching. One of the biggest needs we have is for prayer partners to come along side us and stand against the wiles of the enemy. He is hitting us very hard as we get close. We have some very specific needs both for the church and for us that we desperately need to move forward. This is a matter of great concern and can only come about with the fervent prayer of faithful and faith-filled brethren who are willing to stand in the gap for us. If interested in being a prayer partner for us, even if you are not called to be a part of the launch team, please email us and we'll fill you in on specific needs and attacks.

One of the biggest needs we have is financial. Thus far, all of the resources and equipment purchased has come out of our pockets. We've tried to do ministry that way before and it was an epic failure. Freedom Church exceeds that effort in both scale and scope more than tenfold with an even greater financial need. To launch fully, we need at least $20,000 in initial cash with an additional $20-30,000 to operate for the first year. That assumes an all-volunteer staff and leadership team for the first 12-18 months. A final budget estimate will follow once we know where our regular meeting place.

In truth, I hate asking for money. In my years following Jesus, I've seen the worst guilt-trip tactics or promises of some special blessing spoken by prosperity preachers and those experiences have soured me a little as I'm sure they have many of you. That doesn't change the simple fact that we need the help. I won't make you any special promises of tenfold blessings or perfect health. I won't offer some kind of signed prayer cloth with healing abilities. I won't browbeat you with guilt trips. The bottom line, all any of us can truly ask is that you prayerfully consider helping us to spread the Gospel. It's been said that ministry runs on two things, faith and money. Faith we have but, to quote Peter, gold and silver have we none. We can't move forward without the financial means to do so.

As part of the drive to find people and resources, I am looking for opportunities to share the vision for Freedom Church with ministry groups, mission committees, and congregations. The main focus is, of course, the fiances we need. To reach the people we are called to reach, we need the support. If you're reading this and are a leader/pastor, please pray about whether or not we can come and speak to your group, congregation, or board.

Very soon, within a week or so, we will have set up a crowd-sourcing type site with a short video. We'll post about our progress on that page and on this blog. In the meantime, there is a "Donate" button on the right side of the screen. Any contribution will help.

We are getting close. These last few hurdles are all that remain.